Cymbalta Side Effects Class Action

Cymbalta Withdrawal Side EffectsWithdrawal symptoms from Cymbalta are not limited to just one side effect – there are numerous reports from patients across the United States of widespread devastating and life-threatening withdrawal symptoms that affect not only the person’s physical well-being, but mental and emotional health as well. If you recently experienced a Cymbalta side effect, or endured multiple effects from this drug, a Cymbalta attorney can help you file a lawsuit or join a class action against the maker of this drug: Eli Lily.

Under federal regulations, makers of consumer products are required to provide adequate warnings to consumers about potential hazards or dangers. This is especially true with regard to prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs, which are heavily regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA requires warning labels to appear on any drug that could potentially cause a side effect. If potential side effects of a drug are especially severe, a Black Box warning label must accompany each package, drawing consumer’s attention to the likelihood of life-threatening conditions associated with use of the drug. The purpose of these laws is to ensure all consumers are able to make an informed choice about whether to pursue a course of treatment.

In the event a drug manufacturer fails to follow the labeling guidelines and requirements, this exposes the company to liability from consumers. In the case of Cymbalta, side effect labels are inaccurate and insufficient to cover the range of conditions that can occur upon discontinuation of use. Patients are reporting everything from flu-like symptoms to feelings of depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies. Cymbalta has also been linked to liver failure.

Patients who have experienced an unexpected onset of symptoms from Cymbalta use may be able to recover fair and just compensation from the drug company either through a personal civil action or by joining a class action. Class actions are often commenced against large corporations when it is impracticable or impossible for each individual plaintiff to mount an lawsuit against the defendant manufacturer. Members of the class must have suffered from identical or near-identical injuries and must be seeking the same redress.

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